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Court Floors, Volleyball Floors, Dance Floors, Indoor Basketball Court Floor Tiles, Athletic Sports Floors

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Why do we choose Interlocking tile?

Interlocking tile is mostly used for sports ground,Many people choose it for its unique strengths,They are loved by many industries.
Why is it so popular?

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What are the types of plastic rubber runways?

What are the types of plastic rubber runways? According to the different plastic track material, it can be divided into prefabricated plastic runway, plastic plastic track, hybrid plastic track, composite plastic track, breathable plastic track and EPDM plastic runway.

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Four Common Sports Court Issues

Here are some questions about the sports court. And sports court flooring common issues.

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The Influencing Factors of Portable Floor Tiles

There are many factors of portable floor tiles. Now, I list some points to show:

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Warrior Games Showcase Athletes’ spirit

We can provide you with high quality plastic sports flooring. The 2017 Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games will be held June 30-July 8 in Chicago, Ill.

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Vinyl Sports Flooring Creates Private Basketball Court

Do you want to create a private basketball court? PVC sports flooring can meet you. Various patterns can be chosen.

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Six Questions about Tennis Court Flooring

Whether you are engaged in volleyball or blasting, Top Joy Tennis flooring is the perfect choice for your family or commercial property.

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Kindergarten Exclusive Interlocking Sports Tiles Is on Sale

The resilient suspended structure is more appropriate for children’s growth. Anti-bacteria, excellent durability, antiskid, wear resistance and comfort make Top Joy interlocking sports tiles more professional and popular.

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Top-Joy Company celebrates 7th anniversary

Here is good news! Top-Joy is going to celebrate its 7th anniversary in May, 2017.

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