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How to clean the Sports Vinyl Floor?

Top Joy International is continuously developing new and innovative floor decoration for the marketplace. If you have demand on sports floor, welcome to contact us.

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Top Joy PVC Sports Flooring

Top Joy manufactures high quality sports flooring for all types of sport courts and gyms, including basketball courts, badminton court, volleyball courts, futsal pitches and multipurpose arenas. Now, I will introduce Top Joy PVC sports flooring to you.

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TOP JOY Basketball Flooring

Recently, the 2018 FIBA 3x3 Asian Cup was held in China. The bvasketball player provide wonderful displaygame in basketball court. As a basketball fans, I’m glad to share some basketball flooring knowledge with everyone.

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How to Find Your Floor?

Some clients always feel confused about how to find their flooring.

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How to Choose Interlocking Sports Flooring?

Nowadays, more and more customers ask me what is the difference between the flat surface tile and the grid surface tile. Well, today I will tell the former and further customers how to choose the interlocking tile.

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Specification for plastic splicing floor

Simply the best modular court flooring tile on the market.

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Why do we choose Interlocking tile?

Interlocking tile is mostly used for sports ground,Many people choose it for its unique strengths,They are loved by many industries.

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Four Common Sports Court Issues

Here are some questions about the sports court. And sports court flooring common issues.

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The Influencing Factors of Portable Floor Tiles

There are many factors of portable floor tiles. Now, I list some points to show:

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Warrior Games Showcase Athletes’ spirit

We can provide you with high quality plastic sports flooring. The 2017 Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games will be held June 30-July 8 in Chicago, Ill.

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