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Badminton Sports Floor Makes Movement Funny


Now more and more people play badminton in the room. For a visionary person, this is a huge business opportunity. Today, I combined with the customer's questions, to give you a brief introduction to YOP-JOY vinyl sports flooring:

First of all, we should understand the resilience of badminton sports floor. In professional site, there should not be any rebound dead point, and the requirements of badminton flooring elasticity are very high. Then followed by is sports floor Friction and anti-slip requirements. During playing badminton, movement and footsteps is very important. If cannot offer a good solution of this problem of sports floor, it is possible for our athletes slip or even injury, it should be noted. Then the absorption of sports flooring, after the players fall to the floor, it has the capacity to protect athletes ankle, meniscus, the role of the spinal cord, so that athletes get the best protection!

Pay more attention to this detail when we choose badminton sports floor. At present, there are many similar factories produce sports flooring. In fact, the badminton vinyl floor, the absorption of vibration capacity is very important. That is because, a small detail may cause by life-long movement regret

Finally, the material, the raw materials of badminton sports flooring production mainly for environmental PVC. It is 100% non-formaldehyde, benzene toxic substances, non-asbestos, lead, mercury and other heavy metals and no radiation.

In Top-Joy, customers’ satisfaction is the greatest pursuit. All of our products are through quality inspection before delivery to customers.

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