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Four Common Sports Court Issues


1. What is the time to install the sports court?

Installation takes about 2 weeks of actual construction. You don’t worried about the installation. We will provide you with detailed guidance. It is also easy to install, even you can install it.

2. Are there any court accessories available for purchase?

Yes. Our sports flooring can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor places, such as hockey, badminton, volleyball and basketball. We can also provide you with accessories. If there are special requirements, please let us know.

3. If the sports floor tile is damaged, how difficult is it to be replaced?

If the module is damaged, the playground floor is easy to replace or repair. Simply remove the damaged module with a putty knife to replace the new module. This is our patented interlocking floor system.

4. How to maintain my stadium game airport?

Durability and ease of maintenance are two characteristics of the sports court court. The open surface design allows water, dirt and debris to be washed away through the underside of the floor surface. Hose or pressure washer can eliminate most of the content you encounter on the floor. Leaf blowers and even brooms will be able to remove leaves and grass from your basketball court, tennis courts and multi-sport playgrounds well.

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