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How to care for rubber flooring?


Keeping up with a cleaning schedule will help your rubber flooring maintain its original look. On top of that, follow these maintenance tips to get the most out of your rolls or tiles:

Clean up spills

While many rubber flooring products are water-resistant, you should prevent the material from getting too wet. This is because liquid can interact with the adhesive and cause it to pull off your floor. For this reason, you should clean up spills right away. 

Things to Avoid:

1. Aggressive scouring pads or solvent-based cleaners can damage your floor.

2. Cotton mops will leave lint behind.

3. Soaking your floor can allow the water or solution to permeate through non-vulcanized rubber.

4. Canister vacuums where the head is dragged across the floor cause unnecessary wear and tear markings.

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