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Installation guide of PP interlocking tile

Before Installation:
The Surface    

1. The surface must be clean, dry and no cracks.
2. The water content of concrete ground shall not exceed 2.5%, gypsum ground shall not exceed 0.5%.
3. Make sure it is flat (the gap under 3mm by measuring with ruler), firm(Keep long service life without deformation), need to waterproof work, crack within 1cm is available.

How to Install?

1. Flat the floor in the ground.
2. Install the tile from one side
3. Knocked with a rubber hammer.
4. Install piece by piece.
5. Finalize the design all the floor.

In a word, install this PP interlocking tile just like a piece of cake, much more installation cost and time would be saved.

Here attached is our installation guide in pictures for your better reference.

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