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Installation guide of prefabricated rubber running track


Track and field is an historical sports for centuries. Prefabricated rubber running track is usually used in high-standard stadium or professional running competitions.


* Shock absorbed, noise absorbed, rebound resilience, wear resistant, fireproof and insulated.

* Eco-friendly, no toxic included, no rubber granules, suitable for frequently use.

* Perfect aging resistance and UV resistance. The original color can stay for many years.

* No reflected light and dazzling sense.

* All day use, long service life, easy to install and maintain.

Let’s see how to install the prefabricated rubber running track!



- Specialized glue for prefabricated rubber track

- Portable electric mixer *1 and dry iron drum *2 and toothed iron scraper for gluing

- Roller bracket for moving the rolls

- Specialized cutting tools

- 100M steel tape, marker

- Special paint for rubber running track


1. Measure the dimension of the court, draw the plan and pavement plan for the construction site. Order according to the plan, also preparing some for spare part.

2. Keep the rubber running track and the package dry (humidity≤10%) and clean. Install the flooring when the temperature is during 10℃ and 40℃.

Basic ground:

It needs to be flat enough. The tilt of the width and length should meet the requirement of the stadium’s drainage standard.

Installation Steps:

* Order: Straight then curl, far place then near place, inner side then outer side.


After 24 hours, this sports stadium can be used. We can also guide you on the spot if you need. Any question please contact us!

More colors of prefabricated rubber running track for you to choose.

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