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How to maintain the Interlocking Sports Floor Tiles in Winter?


The material of PP used for sports floor tiles are high-strength material, and the modified polypropylene is selected from the raw materials that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and cold, so that the product has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, service life Long advantages. Extremely weather-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof anti-ice cold, never warp deformation, the use of life of at least 10 years. Now the weather is getting cold, it will not cold shrinkage deformation, how to maintain it?

1. In case of snowing, the surface of the ice phenomenon. You can use a rubber hammer to gently beat on the surface, ice will burst, and then fall from the sports flooring surface of the hollow, will not have any impact on the floor. After snow should be promptly cleaned, do not let the accumulation of snow long-term accumulation on the floor. Affect the use of the same time, also greatly reducing the life of the floor. After the rain, do not worry about the problem of water, suspended assembled floor surface after non-slip treatment, the more slippery water, rain free to walk.

2. It is forbidden to use low-quality cleaning agent containing strong acid and alkali to clean the floor (including toilet cleaning spirit). It is also strictly prohibited to clean the floor with gasoline, thinner and other strong organic solvents to avoid damaging the ground.

3. Do not wear nails sneakers and high-heeled shoes admission exercise

4. Prohibited bring the tip of hard objects hit the floor violently

5. Do not spill sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other chemical liquids on the floor, so as not to corrode the floor.

6. Please flush the floor with water to keep it clean.

Just pay attention to the above points, your interlocking sports flooring can certainly be used for more than 10 years, and does not fade does not distort.

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