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How to maintain the plastic rubber running track?


1, Plastic rubber running track laying completed, it need to maintain 7-10 days before use.

2, In a certain drainage facilities under the conditions to adapt to all-weather use. It  as athletes training, competition and student sports and fitness exercise, not suitable for other purposes;

3, Rubber running track should avoid the pollution of harmful substances and severe mechanical shock and friction, the runway is not allowed to drive, stacking heavy objects and sharp objects. Athletes must wear special sports shoes or shoes. Jump shoes can not be more than 12 mm, if the sports shoes with a long nail, the length of nail shoes can not be more than 9 mm.

4, You should pay special attention to protect the edge of the plastic runway, do not arbitrarily tilt. If there is damage to the teeth, blistering should promptly notify the construction unit to repair, so as to avoid more serious damage occurred.

5, Keep the plastic rubber runway clean, often sprayed with water spray. After washing a small amount of residual water can be wiped with dry cloth. If the plastic runway stained with oil, available 10% ammonia or detergent, detergent and other scrub clean.

6, The construction process of polyurethane plastic materials most afraid of water, mortar in the initial curing before the drop of water droplets will produce a large bubble, so the construction personnel in high temperature conditions to prepare a towel to wipe. Paving the ground must grasp the weather conditions and to prevent the sudden drop of the emergency measures. Paving time to avoid the morning atmosphere and the greater the humidity when the ground, even in the sunny normal working days, generally the best in the morning after 9 o'clock the formal laying, plastic runway laying.

7, The physical thickness of the plastic surface is from the rubber to the surface of the center of the particles, generally from two aspects of control. First of all, through the thickness of the size of the pre-examination, the local grassroots higher than the local repair or hammer to ram low. If you are not much higher, you can use a flat scraper on the card from the mold to ensure the thickness of the pulp, the 11th Asian Games North suburbs competition field plastic track main section to ensure the thickness of the error control is positive, so the average thickness of 14MM or more.

8, To prevent the plastic pavement after the local occurrence of foam shelling, for the grass-roots density should be strictly controlled to prevent the asphalt base layer itself is not ripped, shelling delamination, resulting in poor adhesion, surface gasification, Was pulled off. Grassland density is not enough place, you can use the drill hole drilling, irrigation (rubber nail) method of reinforcement.

9, In order to ensure the flatness, slope, mold staples, with the level of simulation to correct, grass-roots individual high places, first to leveling, individual low places, filled with plastic.

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