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Kindergarten Exclusive Interlocking Sports Tiles Is on Sale


The resilient suspended structure is more appropriate for children’s growth. Anti-bacteria, excellent durability, antiskid, wear resistance and comfort make Top Joy interlocking sports tiles more professional and popular. Products comprehensive properties have reached new heights which provides safeguard of the children.

The structure
Surface layer: The kindergarten exclusive interlocking sports tiles are frosted so as to antiskid.
Sustain structure: Elastomer damper ensures the stable structure.
Bottom board structure: The dense small legs and suspended design guarantee ventilation and drainage.
Connection: Edging buckle design is easy to install and remove.   

Products specifications
Material: excellent eco friendly PP added with yielding and springing material.
Size: 30.48*30.48*1.3cm
Color: Red, Green, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue
Application: Kindergarten, Children play areas, Education center and so on.

Let us cast a glance at the characteristics!

Healthy and eco friendly
Kindergarten exclusive sports tiles takes high quality PP as raw material and auxiliary chemicals are added during production process. All raw materials are strictly inspected to ensure without any heavy metal, volatile material. Guarantee the products healthy fundamentally.

The flooring surfaces are frosted. When children run or walk on the floor, the friction increases by the frosted design decreasing the injury of the children. Besides, the surfaces consist of different figures which enhance the aesthetic feeling and kindle the imagination of children.

Abundant color
The floor has many colors. You can combine it freely or DIY.

Special elastomer is added during the production process, the flooring is soft and resilient. Moreover, it increases the comfort when walk or run and a notable absorption effect.

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