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Pros and Cons of Interlocking Sports Flooring Single and Double Injection Point


On the sports floor tiles production process is estimated that there is not much in-depth understanding of floating assembly flooring generally have a single point, multi-point injection of the floor, single point multi-point floating assembly flooring What are the advantages and disadvantages, we take a look.

Single point PP interlocking floor tiles are only one injection point, and multi-point suspension interlocking sports flooring refers to two and more than two injection points.

Then the injection point we should be how to find, how to distinguish it? PP interlocking flooring injection point in the back of the color appears white and the point diameter thick and still dent.

★Single Point Injection


1.Interlocking Sports court flooring in the mold in a single point of a single forming, physical properties and chemical stability, the use of flooring after a period of time will     not be deformed, uniform color.

2.Because there is only one injection port, the appearance of sports floor tile exquisite.

3.Plastic Sports floor tiles longer life, with the increase in age, fade uniform, the surface is not deformed.


1.Portable floor tiles have higher price, expensive mold, injection tonnage larger, high cost.

2.The production is difficult and difficult to control the flow of materials.

Multi-point Injection


1.Sports flooring tiles’ prices lower. Mold costs lower, lower injection costs, easy to control the cost.

2.The production is difficult.


1.PP interlocking floor tile in the mold in the multi-point forming, the product in the mold shape similar to the assembled structure (the naked eye can’t see the traces of assembled), physical and chemical properties of instability.

2.Sports floor tiles affect the appearance of a number of injection port.

From the above can be seen single and double points have advantages and disadvantages. Our PP interlocking sports court flooring through the domestic and international certification, which is a green suspension assembled floor, safe suspension assembly flooring.

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