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PVC Sports Flooring Apply To Gym Center


More and more people begin to spend their free time in the Gym Center. On the one hand, exercise can reduce the pressure of life. On the other hand it make people have a stronger body. The quality of flooring for the Gym Center is very important. Excellent sports flooring can protect people from hurt. Top-Joy PVC sports flooring is the best choice for Gym Center.


Advantages of the PVC sports flooring 

PVC sports flooring behaves well in anti-skidd and impact resistance, the perfect flexibility is very good for athletes. Good sound-absorb performance, effectively reduce the generation spread of noises.


Firstly, keep the floor flat,then before the install need to keep flooring flat for 15 to 20 hours.
Secondly, install the floor order and neat.
Thirdly, use special glue adhesive splice.
Finally, to press the floor is flat and level.


Pictures of application:


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