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PVC Sports flooring maintenance methods


Whether a sports floor was just installed or it has seen its years in use, these quick maintenance tips can extend the life and beauty of a floor. For older vinyl flooring, these tips may even bring your floor back to life. These are just a few simple regular floor maintenance tips that can prevent some of the problems that we see pretty often.

★ Daily clean

At least once or twice a day the floor should be daily cleaned. This is important whether it is a low or high traffic area. Dust collects regardless of how many people walk on the floor. When people walk on dusty floors the dirt and dust grinds away the finish of the floor and makes the floor look dusty and aged. The dust mop should be treated the night before using it to reduce streaking and slippery conditions.

Damp Mop

At least once a week the floor should be damp mopped. This is the use of a damp mop to clean the floor. A great machine to use in place of a mop is an automatic scrubber if it is available. Be sure to allow the floor to dry. Take the necessary precaution s to avoid injury on the wet floor. Doing this will extend the life of the finish on the floor and will have your floor looking clean.

Annual check and repair

Things that should be done continuously are obvious maintenance reminders. The floor should be protected against punctures and depressions. Rubber feet and floor glides should be used to reduce wear and tear on the floor. Be sure to clean up any spills and messes as soon as possible.

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