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Rubber Sports Flooring For Gym Fitness Center


With the development of modern society, fitness has play an important role in people's daily life. Everyone turns to concerning more about their health. And fitness is becoming more and more popular. Today we will talk about the flooring used in Gym fitness center. One of the perfect choices is rubber flooring. 

Why rubber flooring? 

Rubber flooring performances well in indoor and outdoor sports area. It's wear resistant, antislip, shock absorbed, aging resistant and so on. As gym center is a place for exercise and needs the flooring to be very wear resistant and noise absorbed, rubber flooring can perfectly realizes that. 


What kind of rubber flooring shall we use?

For normal walking area, the flooring doesn't need to be very thick, 6mm rubber roll is enough. And flooring for heavy machine area needs to be much more thicker and wear resistant. We always use 10mm rubber rolls or 13mm rubber tiles to fulfill this area. 


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