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Russia Clients Visit Top-Joy International Trading Company


With the development of Chinese economy, more and more foreign people choose to cooperate with Chinese company.

Last week, Russia clients arrived at China and visited Shanghai to continue our discussions on a joint venture. Our CEO Joyce and manager Alex show them around our factory and explain the operations as they go along. Guide the clients through the factory and asked our people to give them a demonstration of our latest models

During they toured around the factory, they also saw our machine in operation.

Our factory set up in the early 90s. We have been operating for near 30 years. It covers an area of 75,000 square meters, and the warehouse covers 4,000 square meters. All of our production line realizes fully mechanized. There are total five checks in the whole manufacturing process. And all of products have to through quality inspection before they go out.

Before the end of the tour, the clients express their feelings. “Fine facilities and efficient people leave a deep impression; the approach to business is excellent”. As a member of Top-Joy, we are pleasure to offer high quality products.

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