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Six Questions about Tennis Court Flooring


Whether you are engaged in volleyball or blasting, Top Joy Tennis flooring is the perfect choice for your family or commercial property. Our interlocking tennis floor tiles are designed according to the athlete's body and mind. It helps to reduce back pain, knee and ankle pain. Here are some questions from clients.

1.Is the Top Joy tennis floor suitable for me?
It is suitable for a wide range of tennis lovers. The tennis floor has a buffered and fast-drying surface with a 5-level fast-paced high-performance surface and is suitable for entertainment and professional tennis players.
In addition, I have a special product, which is suitable for all-weather. The double diamond can be quickly drained to prevent water and dangerous puddles. Surface has UV coating treatment. And it is anti-aging, no deformation, easy to clean.

2.What about non-residential use?
It has a wide range of applications, such as entertainment centers and tennis training and so on. We have a various colors to choose. You can combine different colors to provide seamless visual flow.

3.Do you provide accessories for tennis flooring?
Not only can provide you with different styles of tennis floor tiles, but also can provide tennis court edge. If necessary, please contact us promptly, we will provide you with free quotes.

4.Can I install them?
Our products have professional lock design, extremely easy to install and remove. You can install them without other help. We will also provide you with the most professional installation guide.

5.How long is the life span of the outdoor tennis court floor?
The life span can reach 15 years. Maintenance costs are much lower than traditional clay or hard ground.

6.Do we have professional guidance?
We will have a professional sales representative for your one-on-one Q & A and provide you with the most appropriate size and surface. It will be fully adapted to your space and budget.

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