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Simply the best modular court flooring tile on the market. The interlocking loop and tab design of this tile is superior and tighter fitting than others on the market. The portability and removable feature of this tile adds value to this flooring tile option long term. The tiles can be removed and re-installed if needed. The colors of this court flooring tiles are rich and deep and consistent across the entire tile. The attention to detail and quality control during the manufacturing process of this court and sports flooring tile is of high quality.


Use this modular snap together sports floor tile for indoor court flooring installations. Available in popular colors and custom colors, this athletic sports flooring tile is easy to assemble and designed for repeated installations. Use for sports flooring for volleyball and basketball courts in gyms for, middle schools, high schools and collegiate level play. 

Install using a 3 to 6 mm rubber underlayment this tile on all hard flat surfaces. The rubber underlayment provides excellent cushion to any sports floor. This athletic sports flooring tile can be installed over carpeting as needed, always snap the tiles together initially on a hard flat surface or use a board under the tiles when connecting the modular floor tiles together over carpeting. This is important in order to maintain enough pressure and resistance to allow the snaps to connect. 

To snap connect the tiles together, always work out away from the loop edges of the tiles. Simply lay the tab side of one tile on top of the loop side of the adjacent tile and gently step with a tapping motion on the top tile to set the tile down into place. The need to step on the tile vs. simply using your hands, speaks to the durable nature of the tab and loop connector system and tight fitting nature of this floor tile. The initial installation of this floor tile will require more pressure, subsequent installations will require less pressure. 

These modular athletic floor tiles can be painted for game lines, please contact customer service for painting instructions. Use our Pro floor plan designer to layout your sports floor, mix and match colors to make your lines an color layout. 

The unique computer designed tab and loop connector system of this tile is the best on the market. The connector design holds each tile together very securely and with no play between the tiles. The unique design of the tab connector system makes the tiles easy to disassemble for repeated installations. When installed the floor the tiles will stay together firmly over time and will not shift or separate. To separate the tiles simply lift up one row of tiles that have the loops over the tabs, and with a slight downward motion the entire row of tiles will separate. This makes this modular floor tile extremely fast to disassemble and and excellent choice for portable and temporary installations for events and trade shows floors. 

This product has been computer tested to handle well over 10,000 lbs. per SF of static weight load. The underside structure of this floor tile has been uniquely designed to carry heavy loads without deflection or tile deformation over time. This means that this tile will last for years of use under constant or repeated stain while use as athletic floors. 

This snap together floor tile is manufactured in the USA with high quality no break polypropylene material, and colored with deep rich colors that are throughout the entire modular floor tile. 

To cut the tiles for wall to wall and special fit installations use a sharp utility knife. Score the tile several times then bend the tile to its breaking point, or use a table saw or a circular saw to cut the tiles. Always use safety glasses when using power tools. 

Ramped border strips and corner pieces are available for this floor tile that snap onto the main tiles. Make a finished edge on this flooring system with our border and corner pieces. See related products.


Clean with damp mop, hot water and common household floor cleaner.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

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