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The Influencing Factors of Portable Floor Tiles



The weatherability of the portable floor tiles depends mainly on the quality of the raw materials such as toner, color masterbatch and auxiliary agent. Our PP sports floor tiles use imported toner, and the masterbatch and additives are self-produced to add, and that can control the quality of the sports flooring from the source, and set up a special assembly of the floor laboratory, the professional aging test and fade test. Quality is guaranteed.

2.Production process

The production process of sports floor tiles is divided into single injection and multi-point injection. With the upgrading of production technology, the multi-point injection method is used in production process after 2012. He can guarantee the uniform color of the whole board, and the board is not easy to cause a one-time fracture and fade phenomenon.

3.Impact strength

Material quality directly affects the impact strength and toughness of the product. Our interlocking sports flooring use 100% polypropylene, without any recycled material. Many portable PP sports floor tiles weight is relatively large, which add a larger proportion of calcium powder that can reduce the impact strength, increase the floor hardness and seriously weakening the performance.

4.Product structure

Whether the structural design of the sports flooring is scientific and reasonable, not only affects the quality of the product, but directly affects the performance of the product. Whether the product has been smooth processing, buckle reinforcement design and the overall design of the ladder is the impact of portable sports floor tiles, an important factor in the structure.

5.Environmental protection

Now, health and environmental protection has become the most concerned about the topic. Therefore, environmental performance has also become a crucial factor. Our interlocking sports flooring through the National Sporting Goods Supervision and Testing Center, both from the selection of raw materials and floor production processes are strict checks to achieve food-grade standards.

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