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Undelay of Vinyl Sports Flooring


Many people are confused with what type bases are suitable for vinyl sports flooring, and today I will introduce some type bases which are suitable for vinyl flooring without self-leveling:

1.Common concrete base:

(1)the concrete is no crack and hollow, and the concrete is firm

(2)The surface Humidity is less than 4.5%

(3)The concrete is clean, flat and no contain any chemical materialsIf not meet the requirements above, self-leveling is necessary.

2.Wood base: because self-leveling cannot put on the wood, so PVC flooring can install directly on the wood base.

3.Steel plate base: It is the similar to the wood that steel plate can not be contacted to the self-leveling. But pay attention to that the seams of plate can be fixed by putty if the surface is uneven.

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