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What are the types of plastic rubber runways?


Plastic rubber running track is also known as all-weather track and field runway, which is consists of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigments, additives, fillers. Plastic rubber running track with good flatness, high compressive strength, hardness and elasticity appropriate, physical properties and stability characteristics, is conducive to athletes speed and technology play, effectively improve the athletic performance and reduce the fall rate. It is made of polyurethane rubber and other materials, with a certain degree of flexibility and color, with a certain degree of anti-ultraviolet ability and resistance to aging, it is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports floor materials.

What are the types of plastic rubber runways?

According to the different plastic track material, it can be divided into prefabricated plastic runway, plastic plastic track, hybrid plastic track, composite plastic track, breathable plastic track and EPDM plastic runway.

1. Prefabricated plastic track and plastic track because of its unparalleled excellent performance is a professional track and field sports field of the common type, but its high price, is the general large and medium schools can not afford.

2. Mixed plastic runway and composite plastic track performance between the plastic and breathable type, the price is slightly lower than the plastic-like plastic track, but also a lot higher than the breathable, the higher requirements on the basis.

3. Breathable plastic track performance can be achieved GB / 14833-93 the indicators, and breathable and permeable, short construction period, maintenance and renovation is also easier, the most cost-effective, but also the choice of primary and secondary schools.

4. EPDM plastic rubber runway is mainly used for primary schools or kindergartens and other non-standard runway.

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