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Why do we choose Interlocking tile?


Interlocking tile is mostly used for sports ground,Many people choose it for its unique strengths,They are loved by many industries.

Why is it so popular?

1、Weather resistance

The Weather resistance of interlocking tile depends mainly on the quality of pigments, additives and other materials. Interlocking tile adopts organic powder and auxiliaries, which can control the quality of the assembly floor from source,And the Weather resistance is tested by the national quality inspection agency,High and low temperature without deformation, no crack, no obvious color non - toxic suspension of the flooring products to be reliable, the service life up to 10 years.

2、Anti Impact strength

The quality of Interlocking tile materials directly affects the impact strength and toughness of products. The Interlocking tile adopts 100% raw material polypropylene without adding any recycled material,the inspection is also tested by national quality inspection agency, which meets the national requirements, the impact resistance, and the rolling load is also in accordance with the testing requirements.

3、Product structure

Whether the Interlocking tile structure is scientific and reasonable,not only Affect product quality but also directly affect the product's experience performance. Product surface treatment, buckle design and overall structure design are all important factors affecting the structure of assembly floor products.

4、Surface treatment

Interlocking tile surface roundness and anti-slip treatment, anti-slip coefficient and rebound rate are higher,While comfortable, protect the experiencer from abrasions and provide better protection.

5、lock design

The reasonableness of the design of buckle directly affects the stability and service life of interlocking tile. We use a brand new lock design,the connections between the tiles are tighter and stronger,The problem of heat expansion and shrinkage is solved perfectly.

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